Spanish Comfort Food, Fideuà

Hiya all, Today 29th October 2020 I start sharing the weekly recipe.Kicking off with a Spanish Comfort Food dish called “Fideuà”. Fideuà is very similar to paella, but a lot easier to cook using special pasta instead of rice. This Spanish pasta dish originates from the north of Spain, Catalonia.It’s a fantastic dish you canContinue reading “Spanish Comfort Food, Fideuà”


About Hilko Cuisine

Hilko Cuisine is founded by Hilko Nackaerts, food connoisseur and guitar maker. By touring the world as a guitar technician, Hilko explored the culinary world globaly.Gathering flavours, experiences and recipes over the years. Trying to find the perfect spice or sauce for his home cooked food. Home cooked food is so important. I would likeContinue reading “About Hilko Cuisine”

Glad to inform you where to buy the exclusive products

Great news! Just updated the where to buy page On this page you can find the exclusive shops and restaurants that are selling or working with the products. Our first exclusive ambassador is butcher shop Vangramberen.This butcher was the first shop interested in selling my spices and sauces. 7 years ago I won together withContinue reading “Glad to inform you where to buy the exclusive products”