Glad to inform you where to buy the exclusive products

Great news!

Just updated the where to buy page

On this page you can find the exclusive shops and restaurants that are selling or working with the products.

Our first exclusive ambassador is butcher shop Vangramberen.
This butcher was the first shop interested in selling my spices and sauces.

7 years ago I won together with the help of my BBQ team the first prize beef at the Belgian Barbecue competition in Oostend. Key ingredient was the Hot Salt Premier Cru.
My favourite local butcher contacted me to ask if this product was available for sale.

Now, many years later it is. Butcher Vangramberen has the Hot Salt in stock together with all the other Sauces.

If you are not from the neighbourhood you can always find our products online.
The Chilli Shop EU ships worldwide, go and visit the page to buy and try our Hot and Spicy products.

Have a tasty week,



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Producer of Exclusive Handcrafted Sauces and Spices Belgium

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