About Hilko Cuisine

Hilko Cuisine is founded by Hilko Nackaerts, food connoisseur and guitar maker.

By touring the world as a guitar technician, Hilko explored the culinary world globaly.
Gathering flavours, experiences and recipes over the years. Trying to find the perfect spice or sauce for his home cooked food. Home cooked food is so important. I would like to start sharing my global food experience so you can taste it at home

Why sharing recipes?

  • Because excellent food brings great pleasure to family and friends
  • Because it will help everybody to cook delicious meals at home or on the road

Every week I’ll be sharing a recipe to the #GuitarMakersFood page.

Why, Who and What?

  • Sharing recipes will inspire people
  • My speciality is outdoor cooking and baking
  • From beginner cooks to professional chefs, everyone can submit a recipe
  • I’ll be trying out the best recipes and share them with you

I frequently make #guitarmakersfood videos you can find them at my YouTube channel

Feel free to subscribe and hit the bell icon when you want to get notified when a new video is available

Really looking forward learning to cook greater food together.
Happy Cooking and sharing.
Stay Spicy and Hot,


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Producer of Exclusive Handcrafted Sauces and Spices Belgium

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